Customer readiness: Prepare for pay-for-performance, price-responsive demand, and other upcoming market changes
Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 1:43PM
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ISO New England has launched two new customer readiness pages to help market participants prepare for major adjustments to ISO systems and processes starting June 2018. The webpages detail deadlines customers must meet, scheduled sandbox sessions, related trainings, and technical documentation.

Price-Responsive Demand (PRD) Project

The ISO has been a leader in integrating demand-response resources and will complete this process in June. The PRD Project will enable demand response resources (DRRs) to participate in the energy and reserve markets and to be eligible for Forward Capacity Market (FCM) shortage event penalties or credits, as well as peak energy rents. Changes are coming for the Customer and Asset Management System (CAMS), eMarket, remote terminal unit (RTU), and more.

Forward Capacity Market Pay-for-Performance (FCM PFP) Project

Starting June 1, 2018, capacity payments will reward power resources that make investments to successfully boost performance during periods of system stress. Resources that don’t perform will forfeit capacity payments. This change will affect many ISO systems and processes, including financial assurance management, settlements, and SMD applications.

Customer Readiness 12-Month Outlook

Visit this page regularly for an overview of:

These and other customer readiness pages are all easily reachable using the navigation menu that appears at the top of the website under Support on the Participate tab:


Other resources that help keep market participants informed

The ISO regularly undertakes projects across the areas of grid operations, markets, and power system planning to both keep pace with industry changes and continuously improve its services to the region. Projects are developed through an open stakeholder process.

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