Survey says: Add more data to default ISO Express dashboard
Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 3:06PM
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Enhancements go live July 5!

Over the past year, the ISO’s web team conducted a survey asking market participants how they use ISO Express, the ISO’s online dashboard of real-time markets and power system data. The results are in, and beginning July 5, ISO Express users will see a number of enhancements to the main/default ISO Express dashboard and to some of the individual data portlets.

Updated default dashboard view and enhanced graphs

Download a pdf of the dashboard screen shot above to view more detail.

About the Survey

ISO Express was introduced by ISO New England almost five years ago. In 2015, the ISO Web Team conducted a survey and interviews focusing primarily on how registered ISO Express users utilize the customizable dashboards. The following takeaways informed the recent upgrades with more changes to come in the future:

In addition to our default dashboard, site users can sign up to create personalized dashboards that display the information most relevant to their interaction with ISO New England. Learn more: Customizable Features: My Dashboard, Adding/Removing Content or Pages, Using Content Tools.


Tell us what you think of these changes, or if you have ideas of how the ISO website or ISO Express could better serve your needs. Please email the Web Team.

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