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Now live: Visual enhancements to ISO-NE website

On December 17, ISO New England rolled out several visual changes to www.iso-ne.com that enhance the way users read and navigate the site. The conversion process was seamless to website visitors, requiring no outages or disruptions to service.


What has changed?

Monitor sizes and screen resolutions have increased significantly since the ISO’s website was designed in 2007, and many new web browsers have come on the market. Based on these industry advancements, visitor statistics, and feedback from surveys, we’ve made several visual enhancements that include:

  • Centering the site on the browser screen (it was previously located in the upper left corner)
  • Widening the site to 1000 pixels
  • Increasing the font size and reducing the use of boldface and bullets

These changes make text easier to read, delivering a much better web experience. Smaller changes include more prominent visual indicators to help users arrange sortable lists of documents, plus tweaks to ensure consistent web-page performance across multiple browsers. These fixes address several browser-specific issues that have come to light as new software versions have been adopted by visitors.

Do changes affect the content or location of pages?

The visual changes do not have any impact on content, links, or documents on the website. The structure of the site remains the same, so data feeds and bookmarks that point to specific pages are unaffected. If you notice any layout abnormalities on any site pages after the update, a simple one-time refresh of the page should address those layout issues.

Below is a comparison of the old website and the new visual enhancements. Note the centered position and increased readability of the “after” page.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the ISO New England Web Manager.