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ISO-NE adds daily generation by fuel type to its weekly market report

Beginning on January 12, 2012, the ISO is adding a new section to its weekly market report that shows daily metered generation by fuel type—that is, the amount of electricity produced from each type of power plant in New England each day based upon fuel used.  

Previously, the ISO provided information on the amount of electricity generated by each type of fuel on a monthly basis on its website and a quarterly and annual basis in its quarterly and annual markets reports. The data provided are for the full system, including “settlement only” generators that do not offer their output into the wholesale markets.

The categories shown in the new market-report table (shown at the right) represent aggregations of the detailed fuel types registered with ISO New England. The ISO aggregates the fuel types to avoid disclosing information that could affect market competitiveness.

Multiple fuel types shown, such as COAL/OIL, denote dual-fuel capability. However, the actual fuel used by a dual-fuel generator on any particular day is not used in this tabulation.

The table in the market report, shown below, includes a weekly total, in megawatt-hours (MWh), for the amount of electricity produced by each fuel type, along with a sum for each day.

About Market Reporting

ISO New England issues annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly reports that describe and analyze the performance and development of the region’s wholesale electric power markets in order to assess their operation, provide transparency, and meet federal reporting guidelines. The ISO’s weekly market report is a detailed summary of key market statistics and events and an overview of recent trends and significant events affecting the region's wholesale electric power markets.